The Void

"Who are you?"
— Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Think about what your character will be like. Your character is your alter-ego in the Fallout universe. Will your character be a gun-happy sniper? A dune-buggy racer? A sneaky thief? A fast talker who can squeak past the armed guards with a good excuse? A boxing champ, strong but slow? A beautiful seductress who takes what she wants after the moment? The possibilities are endless. We suggest playing something that you're interested in otherwise you won't have fun playing your own character.

If you have any questions throughout the Character Creation progress, feel free to ask something on the CharGen channel by typing, 'cg <blah>' with <blah> is what you want to say or page an On-Duty member of the staff. When you're ready, please continue onto the next room to begin your character creation process.

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