Battle of Arizona Spillway
Battle of Arizona Spillway
NCR flag & Legion vexilla
Location: Arizona Spillway
Date: 2277
Result: * Decisive Legion victory
* NCR military camp destroyed.
* NCR presence east of the Colorado River eradicated.
* The Legion controls all territory east of the Colorado River.
Involved Parties
New California Republic Caesar's Legion
NCR Army Caesar's Legion Army
Heavy Comparably Low
Connected Events
Part of:
NCR-Legion War
Battle of Willow Beach
Fall of Nelson

The Battle of Arizona Spillway was an event that took place some time after the Battle of Willow Beach and was part of the attempt to rid the east side of the Colorado River of the NCR.


After the fall of Willow Beach in the Colorado River, Caesar's Legion attacked the New California Republic military camp at Arizona Spillway. As a result of the battle, the camp was destroyed. The battle gave the Legion complete control of all territory east of the Colorado River.

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