Gobi Campaign
Gobi Campaign
Gobi Campaign
Location: Gobi Desert, China
Date: After January 2077
Result: Unknown
Involved Parties
United States of America People's Republic of China
Unknown Unknown
United States Armed Forces People's Liberation Army
Unknown Unknown
Connected Events
Part of:
Sino-American War
Anchorage Reclamation
Great War
Yangtze Campaign

The Gobi Campaign was an operation conducted by the U.S. after the unsuccessful Chinese invasion of Alaska in 2066. It took place in or near the Gobi Desert.


The objective was to invade the Gobi Desert in China, and take out the Chinese bases there. A heavily modified sniper rifle, the Gobi Campaign scout rifle, was brought along during the operation (it is not known if this rifle was a standard weapon or not). The outcome of the mission is unknown, although it can be inferred by the presence of the rifle in the Mojave Wasteland that at least some of the U.S. soldiers survived, or the mission was never initiated.

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