NCR-Legion War
NCR-Legion War
NCR flag and Legion vexillum
Location: Colorado River east side, Mojave Wasteland
Date: Mojave Campaign: 2277-2281
Result: New Vegas becomes a fully independent establishment and both the NCR and Legion presence is pushed out of the Mojave.
Involved Parties
New California Republic Caesar's Legion
President Aaron Kimball
General Lee Oliver
Chief Hanlon
Malpais Legate (formerly)
Legate Lanius
NCR Army
NCR Rangers
Caesar's Legion Army
~1,000 troopers per year Unknown, hundreds at Hoover Dam alone.
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Part of:
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The NCR-Legion War is an ongoing military conflict in 2281 between the New California Republic and Caesar's Legion.


As the NCR started to expand into the Mojave Wasteland, Caesar decided to add the NCR as another notch to the Legion's belt and conquer the area for himself.



In 2277, the Legion went into the Mojave to take the area. To their surprise, the NCR had taken a hold of the area six years earlier. Angry at the 'profligates' invasion of the area, Caesar readied the Legion to destroy the NCR and conquer the Mojave.

First Battle of Hoover Dam

Establishing their main Mojave base at Fortification Hill, Caesar ordered the Malpais Legate to storm Hoover Dam in a battle that would be known as the First Battle of Hoover Dam. The NCR fended off the attack well, but they could not afford the Legion to set up positions near the Dam, so, NCR sharpshooters targeted the officers. Without them, the younger legionaries were confused, and charged blindly into Boulder City after the NCR army. When the Legion stormed the city they were unaware that the NCR had rigged explosives and C4 across the entire town. When the NCR detonated the explosives it killed a large portion of the Legion's force. The NCR then mopped up what was left of the attacking forces.

Caesar was furious at Malpais' humiliating defeat at the Dam. At the Grand Canyon, he ordered his men to cover Malpais with pitch, burn him alive, and toss his flaming body into the canyon. He then bestowed the rank of Legate on Lanius.

Willow Beach and Arizona Spillway

From then on, the Legion kept to themselves on the other side of the Colorado River, although occasionally popping over the other side to establish camps and bases, and raiding NCR bases. In 2281, they opened the radioactive waste containers from San Onofre in the firehouse within Camp Searchlight, and established the Cottonwood Cove outpost, and raiding bases such as Ranger station Charlie, and the towns of Nipton and Nelson. They also sent spies into the New Vegas Strip. They secretly plotted the second invasion of the Dam at The Fort. As they had recovered in numbers, Caesar ordered his forces to expel the NCR from the east side of the river in what would be known as the Battle of Willow Beach and the Battle of Arizona Spillway, in both the Legion would be successful.

The tactical situation with the NCR, after this, is not good due to their various issues involving the Great Khans and the Powder Gangers. Despite this, they hold various offices in New Vegas and the Mojave Outpost.

The legion currently have control of Camp Nelson, Techatticup mine, Legate's Camp, the Legion Raid Camp and Nipton, the area around Camp Forlorn Hope is also heavy with Legion activity.

NCR Authority

Ambassador Crocker noted the Courier's entry into the Lucky 38. He invites her over and asks her to work for him. When the Courier arrived, Crocker asked her to receive alliances from the Boomers and ease the tension between NCR and the Kings. It is unknown if the alliance missions were successful. Colonel Moore asks the Courier to gain support of the Great Khans or destroy them, then destroy the Brotherhood of Steel, but a truce was signed too. They then required assistance protecting Kimball during the visit.


The Mojave Campaign ends with the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. The war is brought to an abrupt halt when the Courier works with Yes Man to take over the Mojave for her own use. The NCR initially defeats Caesar's Legion at Hoover Dam while Mr. House's Securitron army destroys Fortification Hill. After this, the Securitron army ejects all NCR military presence from the region, topped when the Courier's orders General Oliver and his troops from the region under the threat of unleashing her Securitron army. Now physically separated from each other by the independent New Vegas, the Legion and NCR's four year conflict is abruptly ended.


Being the most rigorous war to have occurred in the post-apocalyptic America, various battles have happened between the NCR and the Legion. Four full scale battles have been recorded of happening between the NCR and the Legion, with the Legion having the advantage for most of them.



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