NCR-Raiders War
NCR-Raiders War
NCR flagRaiders Ending Card
Location: Core Region, Mojave Wasteland
Date: 2141 - Ongoing
Result: * NCR victory
* Khans, Vipers and Jackals pushed out of Core Region
* NCR nearly eradicates Khans
* Vipers split into several small groups
* Jackals split into several small groups
* NCR engages in battle Fiends
Involved Parties
New California Republic Khans Fiends Vipers
Vault Dweller
Aaron Kimball
Garl Death-Hand
Papa Khan
Motor-Runner Asp Faust (Deceased)
NCR Army Khans (2141-2161)
New Khans (2241)
Great Khans (2267-2278)
Fiends Viper Gunslingers
Few soldiers and civilians Near destruction of the Khans, twice.
Most of the Great Khans and Tribals killed at Bitter Springs.
Unknown Both gangs nearly disbanded due to casualties and lack of members.
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The NCR-Raiders War is a war led by the NCR against the raiders in the wasteland. The NCR seeks to eradicate the raiders in the wasteland as the original Khans nearly eradicated Shady Sands before it could become the NCR. When the NCR rose to power, they led great military strength against the remnants of the New Khans, Vipers and Jackals, whom they pushed to the Mojave Wasteland.

While the war in the Core Region is all but over, the NCR faces difficulty in fighting the raiders in the Mojave, this is due to the Vipers and Jackals, now various tribes, attacking them at random times, a new gang of raiders, the Fiends and the troubles with the Great Khans. The NCR is nevertheless on the winning side of the war, for the most part.

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