Yangtze Campaign
Yangtze Campaign
USA and Chinese flags
Location: Yangtze River, China
Date: After January 2077
Result: Unknown
Involved Parties
United States of America People's Republic of China
Unknown Unknown
United States Armed Forces People's Liberation Army
Over one hundred soldiers Significant to the American Losses
Connected Events
Part of:
Sino-American War
Anchorage Reclamation
Great War
Gobi Campaign

The Yangtze Campaign was a military operation conducted by the U.S. after the unsuccessful Chinese invasion of Alaska in 2066. It took place near the Yangtze River.


During its course, American T-45d power armor units, infantry and mechanized divisions were deployed to China, but they became bogged down on the mainland, putting a further drain on American resources and supply lines. But the tide of the war was changed in 2076 when the T-51b power armor finally finished development, and the first unit was sent to China where they finally began to beat the Chinese forces. Chinese supply lines from the nations China had annexed began to break down, leading to the loss of the major city of Shanghai. It appears the U.S. Marine Corps were involved in the campaign.

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