Featured Character's Birthdates

Below is a list of the various birth dates of the characters featured within the Fallout universe. This is to provide those players who wish to app a Featured Character (FC) with their characters and for informational purposes. This list is organized by date.

Date Character Description Status
2020/06/25 Robert House Owner, CEO and sole proprietor of The Strip Deceased
2047 Raul Tejada Mechanic and former gunslinger
2051 Carol Underworld ghoul
2053 ZAX 1.0 Supercomputer A.I.
2053/02/05 The Survivalist Survivor inhabiting Zion.
2065 M.A.R.Go. T. Presidential Metro A.I.
2072 Harold An old FEV mutant and an important character in the Fallout story.
2072 Rex Cyberdog at Freeside
2076 Lily Bowen Nightkin farmer at Jacobstown
2097 John Maxson Brotherhood of Steel High Elder
2141 Spring Vault Dweller Fallout player character
2145 Tandi Daughter of Aradesh, president of NCR
2188 Arroyo Elder Leader of Arroyo Deceased
2197 Allister Tenpenny Owner of Tenpenny Tower
2201 Joseph Dodge Governor of Hoover Dam town
2201 Pierre LaPoubelle Scribe (formerly), Chief Engineer, Scientist
2201 Agatha Egglebrecht Old Woman
2202 Owyn Lyons Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel elder
2209 Alice McLafferty Owner of Crimson Caravan Company
2209 Ralph Peoples Policeman
2211 Frank Horrigan Secret service agent of the Enclave and president bodyguard
2212 Jericho Fallout 3 follower
2212 Lopez Suicidal Rivet City resident
2216 Walter Megaton resident
2217 Phyllis Resident medical assistant
2217 Horace Pinkerton Scientist; Rivet City original resident
2217 Father Clifford Reverend of Saint Monica's Church
2217 Poplar Bloomseer
2219 Mr. Zimmer Scientist from the Commonwealth
2219 Mitch Stiller Policeman
2220 Valerie Repairwoman of Vault City
2221/03/23 Chosen One Fallout 2 player character
2221 Burke Right-hand man of Allister Tenpenny
2221 Augustus Autumn Enclave Commanding Officer
2222 Evan King Mayor and defender of Arefu
2222 Forty Slaver
2222 Belle Bonny Bartender and proprietor
2222 Gary Staley Cook and diner owner
2226 Caesar (born Edward Sallow) Leader of Ceasar's Legion Deceased
2226 James Father of the Lone Wanderer and project head of Project Purity Deceased
2227 Birch Treeminder
2227 Colin Moriarty Moriarty's Saloon owner
2227 Measles Willem Clark's bodyguard
2227 Tree Father Birch Tree father
2227 Preston Rivet City doctor
2227 Flak Merchant, former Slaver
2227 Shrapnel Merchant, former Raider
2229 Madison Li Scientist
2230 Dave President of the Republic of Dave
2231 Melchior Jr. Son of Melchior
2231 Paul Hannon Sr. Security Chief
2231 Dorris Receptionist
2231 Eulogy Jones Slaver, leader
2231 Beatrice Armstrong Vault Dweller
2232 Abraham Washington Curator of the Capitol Preservation Society
2232 Ymir Paradise Falls slaver
2233 Measles Bodyguard
2233 Confessor Cromwell Religious leader
2234 Hannibal Hamlin Abolitionist, founder of the Temple of the Union
2234 Dukov Retired Merc
2235 Chief Gustavo Chief of Security
2236 Lucas Simms Sheriff of Megaton
2236 Cutter Doctor
2236 Mother Maya Religious Leader
2237 Colvin Knight captain of the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel
2237 Dominic D'Ellsadro Town guard of Canterbury Commons
2237 Ken Ewers Arefu resident
2238 Ernest "Uncle" Roe Mayor of Canterbury Commons
2240 Karl Meresti metro station resident
2241 Brailee Ewers Arefu resident
2242 Harkness (Constructed at Commonwealth) android security chief of Rivet City
2242 Armitage (Constructed at Commonwealth) android body guard for Dr. Zimmer
2242 Donovan Engineer
2244 Ronald Laren Neighbor
2244 Rose of Sharon Cassidy Water merchant Deceased
2245 Caleb Smith Stonemason
2246 Arcade Gannon Doctor at the Hoover Dam
2246 Butcher Medic
2247 Bannon Salesman
2247 Garza One of Dr. Li's helpers at Project Purity
2247 Grouse Slaver
2247 Lana Danvers Rivet City security guard
2247 Mei Wong Former slave
2247 Reilly Head of Reilly's Rangers
2247 Seagrave Holmes Owner of Rivet City Supply
2247 Paladin Vargas Brotherhood of Steel Paladin
2247 Yearling Brotherhood of Steel scribe
2248 Sister Slaver
2249 Joe Porter Shopkeeper
2250 Vera Weatherly Rivet City resident
2250 Cherry Prostitute
2251 Belle Last born ghoul
2251 Sarah Lyons Sentinel of the Capital Wasteland BoS and Commander of the Lyons' Pride
2251 Sierra Petrovita Nuka-Cola collector
2251 Simone Cameron Guard
2252 Cypress Branchtender
2252 Leo Stahl Bartender
2252 Linden Branchtender
2252 Lucy West Megaton resident Active
2252 Maple Branchtender (Gate guard)
2252 Nova Prostitute
2252 Stockholm Megaton sentry
2252 Trudy Mayor, Merchant
2253 Brick Heavy Weapons
2253 Jenny Stahl Bartender
2253 Jessica 2nd wife of Dave
2253 The Lonesome Drifter Musician
2253 Moira Brown Shopkeeper of Craterside Supply
2254 Andy Stahl Megaton Restaurant owner
2254 Fantasia Prostitute
2254 Karen Schenzy Arefu resident
2254 Veronica Santangelo Brotherhood of Steel scribe
2255 Silver Wastelander in debt to Colin Moriarty
2255 Theo Reily's Rangers
2255 Alan Member of The Family
2255 Alejandra Torres Escaped slave at the Temple of the Union
2255 Craig Boone Sniper at Novac
2257/12/27 Butch DeLoria Barber
2258/07/13 Lone Wanderer Fallout 3 player character
2257 Jackson Slaver
2258 Amata Almodovar Daughter of Vault 101 Overseer
2258 Bob Second in command/emperor
2258 Bone Slaver
2258 Machete Canterbury Commons junior law enforcer Active
2258 Ted Strayer Rivet City resident
2259 Diego Acolyte of Saint Monica's Church
2259 Sticky Temporary Follower
2261 Angela Staley Rivet City barmaid
2262 Derek Pacion Child
2262 Ian West Vampire and Lucy West's brother
2263 Knick Knack Merchant
2263 Knock Knock Morale Officer
2264 Eclair Cook
2264 Squirrel Paradise Falls slave, Little Lamplighter
2265 Mary Citizen of the Republic of Dave
2265 Penny Child
2265 Mayor MacCready Mayor
2266 Lucy Doctor of Little Lamplight
2266 Rachael Gate Guard
2267 Harden Simms Son of Megaton sheriff
2267 Arthur Maxson Last descendant of the founders of the Brotherhood of Steel
2267 Sammy Child
2268 Maggie Megaton resident
2268 Zip Little Lamplight resident
2269 Yew Sapling
2271 Bryan Wilks Survivor
2275 ED-E A unique eyebot in Primm Unknown
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