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War. War never changes. As humanity has progressed so has its ability to destroy itself. Where once spears and jawbones were used to wage conflict we now have H-Bombs and cruise missiles. We don't dare progress further. The hubris of mankind and the inevitability of war makes it easy to imagine the world of Fallout, where the nuclear genie was let out of the bottle and humanity was about wiped clean in a firestorm that engulfed the Earth.

Fallout is a post-nuclear roleplaying game set sometime after a nuclear war in the year 2077. Millions still survived this war, although some were altered beyond imagination. This is the world of Fallout MUX. Welcome to the Wastelands.

Fallout MUX takes place in the year 2320, thirty-eight years after the events of Fallout: New Vegas and is set in the Seattle area.

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